The Self-Esteem Salon (2011)
Documentary Film, 102 min.

Production by Ryan and Connor White

In 1997, working under the name of his alter-ego Cheri Nevers, Chris Verene began a series of performance art pieces called "Self-Esteem Salons," which sought to create a safe space for people to come and live out a fantasy scene, while performing self-esteem raising actions before the camera. "The Self-Esteem Salon" is a performance artwork wherein artist Chris Verene and his growing family of "group facilitators" build a temporary sanctuary,
to be used in helping strangers—"clients"—to make a sincere and lasting change in their lives. The project is something like a day spa — a short time spent in therapy that will have positive results on your personal life. The piece has ranged from two days to twenty, with the artist living in the space during the show and receiving visitors, clients, and audience members for the duration of the installation.